Steeltown USA – Tom Hocker

This exhibit includes both portraits of steelworkers and landscape views that reveal the immensity and energy of the production facilities.

In the 70’s and 80’s Hocker worked on staff and on contract with the steel mills of the Calumet Region. Sparks shower and molten steel runs like water through troughs. Men and women are armored in protective gear to withstand the dangers ever present in the shaping of metal. These days the process is much more controlled remotely, but in the previous generation personnel worked up close to the heat, the smoke, and the grit. Threat of harm has always been present.

CHESS ART GALLERY is owned by Purdue Northwest. Free entry & parking.

Slideshow @ Roman Susan Annex

I was so happy to be able to be a part of this wonderful group exhibition at Roman Susan Annex. It was an innovative exhibition, unlike any I had seen (around my area) before. Here’s to more challenging exhibitions and exhibition spaces that are breaking new grounds!

Roman Susan Web 2

1st Open Studio – Sept. 14th

Happy to announce my first Open Studio event on Sunday, September 14th from 4-8pm.

This event is co-hosted with Ruth Crnkovich of CRN Fine Art.

RSVP isn’t necessary, so if you find yourself in the area stop by for some food, drink and art!

Open Studio Card

iARTistas #11

I couldn’t be more happy to be a featured artists in the #11 Nude issue of iARTistas. So many talented artists in this world, I am ecstatic to be showing my work with some of the greats!


Opera Royal de Wallonie

Today marked another first for me – the Opera.  I have always wanted to go, but never the chance.   I didn’t see a show, but rather had a tour and learned just how much effort goes into production. This knowledge makes me appreciate it all even more.

The beauty of this building is remarkable and even the restorations are something to be admired. I am in awe of the things I have seen, thus far, and I still have 8 more days.

Interior Opera Royal de Wallonie
Interior Opera Royal de Wallonie