Bruxelles, Belgium

Yesterday I was in Bruxelles and had, yet again, a wonderful time. We visited the Magritte Museum and was completely blown away by these works up close. I find it amazing how much I don’t know of the masters, but feel my brain expanding as the knowledge is absorbed.  I feel so young in my exposure to art/artists, but know the experiences alter my state of thinking, concept and being. I am forever changed..for the better.


Magritte - Woman on Horseback
Magritte – Woman on Horseback
Opera Royal de Wallonie

Today marked another first for me – the Opera.  I have always wanted to go, but never the chance.   I didn’t see a show, but rather had a tour and learned just how much effort goes into production. This knowledge makes me appreciate it all even more.

The beauty of this building is remarkable and even the restorations are something to be admired. I am in awe of the things I have seen, thus far, and I still have 8 more days.

Interior Opera Royal de Wallonie
Interior Opera Royal de Wallonie


European Landscape

As I spend more time here, in Europe, I am more understanding of why so many have been influenced by landscapes.  The rolling hills, the contrasts between old buildings and new buildings, cities and countrysides; these things spark the brain into viewing differently and much more simply.

In the states, we have these things too, but the commercialization of the people and land make everything much more one dimensional. Not to say there aren’t many beautiful sights in America, it’s just much more different and widely spaced apart – you must look for it, rather then be presented at every turn.

In the little free time that I have, I try to spend it drawing/sketching. I want to collect as many memories as I can to document this extraordinary experience I am having.

A Forested View of Liege.
A Forested View of Liege.
Liege, Belgium

I have arrived in Liege, Belgium and I can honestly say it is another world. Not better, not worse, just different. The people are much the same, only better dressed. I notice so many little differences that I find endearing and special, that I wish to adopt into my own life back home. The mentality is of life first, then everything else is secondary. I don’t see too many people with their faces turned to their phones (the younger generation does this more) and the conversations come from all sides. This is special to me as Americans have a much more secluded and technological relationships. I don’t want this.

I am much more relaxed and looking forward to the rest of my time here.

View do Liege, Belgium
View do Liege, Belgium