Slideshow @ Roman Susan Annex

I was so happy to be able to be a part of this wonderful group exhibition at Roman Susan Annex. It was an innovative exhibition, unlike any I had seen (around my area) before. Here’s to more challenging exhibitions and exhibition spaces that are breaking new grounds!

Roman Susan Web 2

New Work for 2015

Been a busy time around the studio, working intently on a new series of works on paper. I’m hitting heavy with my fascination for line and the interconnections between exactness and bold color. This is the first time I am delving into the world of gouache paint and i’m enjoying it so far!  It’s taken me a long time to find a paint that I actually like working with, I believe this is it.

Looking forward to the new year!

Liz Mares Painting

10th Annual Self-Portrait Exhibition @ 33 Contemporary Gallery

This is the final run for this exhibition and it’s going to go out with a bang! I’m really looking forward displaying my small installation.

To celebrate the final exhibition, curator Sergio Gomez has personally invited a selection of artists who have exhibited within the last ten years. This exhibition titled “Curator’s Choice” celebrates one decade of contemporary self-portraiture.  It opens on July 18th in the spacious second floor gallery of the Zhou B Art Center.


iARTistas #11

I couldn’t be more happy to be a featured artists in the #11 Nude issue of iARTistas. So many talented artists in this world, I am ecstatic to be showing my work with some of the greats!


New Life

Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I’m always happy to see the new life beginning to show; especially after the record breaking snows of this Chicago winter.

I find that in this mix of new beginnings, so am I starting on a new beginning of my own; one that delves into the quite solitude of my surroundings and the deepest concentration of my current art studies.  This year (although it’s just begun) has marked the shift into a new evolution of thought and creation; following a more natural path of beginning, middle and end. This mantra is as consuming as it is freeing, but a necessary component for a healthy and strengthened growth.

New Growth, 2014. C-Print - Copyright Liz Mares

New Growth, 2014. C-Print – Copyright Liz Mares