P.O.P : Perceptions of Population

My first time curating an exhibition! I feel very fortunate and lucky to have been able to bring international artists to Chicago’s 33 Contemporary Gallery.


The internet has made it possible for global interaction to exist on a massive scale. Through this, we are able to witness cultural occurrences and differentiations that may not have been possible to witness otherwise.

P.O.P (Perceptions of Population) is an avenue of joining a group of artists together and offering a visual consciousness of how our geographical locations directly impact our impressions of the human population. These works on paper, offer a range of thematics from satirical, political, philosophical, spiritual or emotional and represent the locals of the United States, Germany, Austria, Indonesia and Greece.

European Landscape

As I spend more time here, in Europe, I am more understanding of why so many have been influenced by landscapes.  The rolling hills, the contrasts between old buildings and new buildings, cities and countrysides; these things spark the brain into viewing differently and much more simply.

In the states, we have these things too, but the commercialization of the people and land make everything much more one dimensional. Not to say there aren’t many beautiful sights in America, it’s just much more different and widely spaced apart – you must look for it, rather then be presented at every turn.

In the little free time that I have, I try to spend it drawing/sketching. I want to collect as many memories as I can to document this extraordinary experience I am having.

A Forested View of Liege.
A Forested View of Liege.