Blue Collar Project
Liz Mares Blue Collar Duo
Steel Mill Uniforms, Dried Roses – Portion of Installation


For at least a year, I have been working on a project that involves the culture of heavy industry. This project has been a bit difficult and challenging, but within the last few weeks it has started to devolop into the visual words I’ve been wanting to say.

I come from an area of steel mills, oil refineries and train yards and the more I delve into the culture of other countries, I started to question the culture that I come from. It was in this search that I discovered and realized that I am from a Blue Collar world.

In this body of work, I am going to explore Blue Collar culture and how it effects the region as a whole and also how it effects (or has effected) me personally.

This is a long term projects, but one that will take time to cultivate. Updates as they come!