Shacks and Shanties, Chicago (Bronzeville)

This installation of original and disposable work, embraces the ideal of “We are Not Aware”. This simple statement plays to the denial of humans playing a role in the disruption of the climate. One of these disruptions is the evaporation of our water supply.

Messages in a Bottle, takes the practice of discarded plastic bottles and in turn filling them with ink drawings, embroideries and photographs (all) of bodies of water. The contents and bottles are designed to take the brunt of our human environment, where the point is to see if they can endure or become destroyed through natural elements and/or human ones.

Just as our own delicate ecosystems are being damaged, I would also like to have my own work treated much the same way. There is no exemption as to what should be saved and what shouldn’t.

There is value to everything and just as easily as it was created, it can carelessly be destroyed.