Liz Mares

Chicago, IL


Liz Mares catches one’s attention. From angles to curves, an endless sky of harmony blinks before us. A bilingual master of both organic and geometrical shapes. Swirling hard edged geometrics become the jungle of Mares’ mind.

This line wizard hums a new tune of truth we can all understand. Her wand takes various forms including: paintbrush, pen, fingertips, words, and more to come. Connecting one line to the next, Mares allows us viewers to take off our shoes and stay awhile to wander in her reality. Impressed and immersed in the orbiting, shifting, space twisting aspects of what is Liz Mares.

An adventurous, gypsy carriage lovin’, bad to the bone (or line) soul. Liz Mares waters her garden of solitude with self expression. Her art penetrates beneath the skin. Quite literally. Liz Mares leaves a geometric fingerprint within the world of contemporary artwork. As we all ride this planet caravan, we too often pass by what connects us the most: our fellow stars.

– Sarah Opat, Arts Writer


The art of Liz Mares is similar to the raw function of art itself. Each piece is a journey and representation of the human conscious and subconscious. The line work that Mares produces comes from a balanced and compassionate journey through life.

In the past, Mares has worked with a variety of mediums with focus on ink & paper. These new works are accomplished through a journey of vibrancy and color on raw panel. Liz Mares encourages growth through each new design and steps into this new series with a most graceful timing. The value of Liz’s work is carried strong with each new exploration, while still maintaining the heart of her mission.

– Nichole Scheaffer, Walnut Ink Projects


Anatomical and Architectural. Simple and Complicated. Quiet and Loud. Silence and Noise. Drawings and Doodles.

Liz Mares’ art offers us a voyeuristic glimpse into her private inner world. She uses her art to express the inner workings of her mind. Liz has found a way to allow us access to this world by communicating these thoughts and feelings with her enchanting use of the line. Her drawings look overly simplified at first glance, just as one movement in a dance; one note in a song; or one single word in a poem. However, they are anything but simple.

Liz refers to these works as drawings or doodles. She uses this form of art to prepare ideas for her paintings, three dimensional works and installations. Collectively, the drawings create a visual haiku or Stanza, created solely with images instead of words. The whiteness of the paper represents the pause between words that make the poem. It is the silence between the notes that make the music. The white space is as necessary as the line. The line informs the space and the space informs the lines. It is presented as carefully choreographed visual dance that appears to be effortlessly performed.

Liz Mares’ unique perspective, both real and imagined, connotes the subtle sense of her quiet observation. Introspection is an underlying component of her personality. Her objective to address the likeness of dissimilar objects is not an easy task. She depicts images created by her contemplation of organic and inorganic worlds and how they relate each other.

The exactness in which she executes each line is an homage to the significance of a common thread that travels throughout all creation. The subject changes, yet the line remains the same. She offers both the wider view of the world as well as a microscopic view. She presents a worlds where ideas are no longer one dimensional. She dissects the multifaceted and multidimensional complexities of simple objects and makes them clear. She effectively demonstrates her perception of the harmonious inner world where her soul resides. A world where each image informs the next. A place where everything is connected.

– Ruth Crnkovich, CRN Fine Art (Introduction for Doodlage: This, That & Then Some)