Postcrossing: The New Social Media(?)

You read that correctly. Postcrossing is the new social media! Okay, so it’s been around since 2005 and it’s not the first choice you’d make if you’re wanting to peruse through endless images of stuff (and advertisements,) but it does offer a nostalgia that is quickly forgotten in this digitized world – writing.

Writing is a big portion of my life. It has been since a young age. But sadly, once the digital era started to crescendo, I abandoned writing and adopted the new way of likes and emojis. I realize now that was a poor choice, but you live and learn and hope for better. Then, I searched for better.

Without a doubt, 2020 was a dystopian year. But rather then focus on what I was missing (or thought I was missing) I decided to kick my own ass and write again. So, I did, and it was terrible!

More determined than discouraged, I delved into researching tips & tricks to strengthen my writing skills. That’s when I happened across a short blog post on The Writer. Granted, the article was more about finding a pen pal then writing (per say,) but it struck a chord and I investigated into what Postcrossing was all about.

To quote the published article:

Postcrossing is less about building long-term relationships as much as it is about exchanging postcards around the world. Every time you send a postcard to a random recipient, you’ll receive a postcard from a random sender.”

That pretty much sums it up. There isn’t anything terribly complicated about it. Though, I do wish there were some easier functions on the site, but that’s just more of a personal preference.

I’ve been an active member of Postcrossing since November 2020 and I’ve received a total of 9 postcards. They’ve come from such countries as Japan, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Canada and Brazil.

Let me tell you, I’ve never felt the same excitement getting a like on my social media page(s) as I do when I see a postcard in my mailbox. Just knowing that someone took the time to pick a postcard, sit down and write you a personalized message and then send it across the world, is a thrill and it is REAL!

When I say that Postcrossing is the new social media, of course, that is only my opinion. Maybe you really enjoy mindless scrolling with no interaction. If that’s your thing, more power to you. But if you’re wanting something different and a bit more involved, why not give it a try? It might just be the nostalgia you were looking for.

Art Exhibition


I am extremely happy to have my piece, Think Thin, included in the online exhibition Identity with Art Fluent.

You can see my piece here:

IDENTITY is a display of aspects that usually remain hidden—a bittersweet and raw take on what churns inside us. We all have a certain idea of who we are through our identity, but to get there, we need to probe beneath the surface. To get a sense of ourselves, we need to explore who we are, how we are viewed by the world, and the characteristics that define us. This exhibit explores our beliefs, qualities, expressions, and personalities that collectively form our identity. 

Art Exhibition


Took a chance on something new and am participating in this epic game!

TELEPHONE is a global art project based on the children’s game Telephone (also called OperatorGrapevineTelefono RotoDengonStille PosteTelefono DescompuestoPhonebook), in which a message is whispered from person to person. In this game, the message is whispered from art form to art form. A poem could become a painting, and then music, film, and dance. Each completed artwork is assigned for translation to numerous artists around the world, so the game branches out exponentially.

There will be an exhibition of all the submitted pieces come 2021, so I can’t show my finished piece yet. But soon!

If you’re a Social Media viewer, you can check out the TELEPHONE community on IG !