New Life

Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I’m always happy to see the new life beginning to show; especially after the record breaking snows of this Chicago winter.

I find that in this mix of new beginnings, so am I starting on a new beginning of my own; one that delves into the quite solitude of my surroundings and the deepest concentration of my current art studies.  This year (although it’s just begun) has marked the shift into a new evolution of thought and creation; following a more natural path of beginning, middle and end. This mantra is as consuming as it is freeing, but a necessary component for a healthy and strengthened growth.

New Growth, 2014. C-Print - Copyright Liz Mares

New Growth, 2014. C-Print – Copyright Liz Mares


Steamroller Printmaking Project

An amazing project coming out of Michigan City, IN and hosted by Walnut Ink Projects.

The steamroller printmaking project is a community supported, all ages event that includes ink, art, a steamroller, and tons of fun! Under professional guidance, local artists and volunteers of all ages, including students from local schools, will participate in printing super large scale prints IN FRONT OF YOUR VERY EYES! The artist and their team will carve the giant printmaking plates, ink them up, and then roll over them with an industrial steamroller to create several oversized masterpieces. Over 30 prints will be made and displayed during this all day event. Local music, beverages and food will round out this fun filled surprisingly educational day for all ages….and the best part is it’s all FREE for the community!


The Kickstarter Page —-> :

Blue Collar Project
Liz Mares Blue Collar Duo
Steel Mill Uniforms, Dried Roses – Portion of Installation


For at least a year, I have been working on a project that involves the culture of heavy industry. This project has been a bit difficult and challenging, but within the last few weeks it has started to devolop into the visual words I’ve been wanting to say.

I come from an area of steel mills, oil refineries and train yards and the more I delve into the culture of other countries, I started to question the culture that I come from. It was in this search that I discovered and realized that I am from a Blue Collar world.

In this body of work, I am going to explore Blue Collar culture and how it effects the region as a whole and also how it effects (or has effected) me personally.

This is a long term projects, but one that will take time to cultivate. Updates as they come!