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Creative sanctuary for weaving words, crafting projects and bringing visuals to life

At the tender age of 8, I discovered the enchanting world of poetry writing, where words became my playground and emotions found their voice. As I navigated through my tumultuous teenage years, art became my sanctuary, a refuge where I could escape and express myself freely.

Now, in my 40’s, armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, I have embarked on a journey to blend my passion for poetry and art, creating a harmonious fusion of words and visuals that reflect the depth of my soul and the richness of my life’s experiences.

Monday Reads: Amanda Lovelace

I’ve decided that Mondays are for reading. There doesn’t have to be a definitive reason why. I choose it to be. It’s my day and I can do with it what I want. That’s a...

Does THIS mean I’ve made it?

Does this mean I’ve made it? Should I be feeling a touch of gratitude for the fact that someone has paired my name with that of Le Corbusier? Or should I be worried?...

Let’s Listen to Records in the Street

Lets Listen to Records in the Street – Collage on Watercolor Paper -18x24in – 2024 Lets Listen to Records in the Street – Collage on Watercolor Paper...