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This 2024 Studio Art catalog showcases my recent artistic endeavors. Working with digital mediums and delving into my lust for geometric design, complex and minimalistic compositions, all with a flavor of rich darkness and the elegance of Art Deco noir. 

How can you resist? 

Creative sanctuary for weaving words, crafting projects and bringing visuals to life

At the tender age of 8, I discovered the enchanting world of poetry writing, where words became my playground and emotions found their voice. As I navigated through my tumultuous teenage years, art became my sanctuary, a refuge where I could escape and express myself freely.

Now, in my 40’s, armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, I have embarked on a journey to blend my passion for poetry and art, creating a harmonious fusion of words and visuals that reflect the depth of my soul and the richness of my life’s experiences.

Neon City 1-4

Shapes, designs, symbols – these are all things that I’ve had a visual affection for. While I appreciate little details, they never held the same desires as the...

Refracted Rainbow Noir

Refracted Rainbow Noir – Digital Drawing – 2024...

Does THIS mean I’ve made it?

Does this mean I’ve made it? Should I be feeling a touch of gratitude for the fact that someone has paired my name with that of Le Corbusier? Or should I be worried?...