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Does THIS mean I’ve made it?

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  • Post last modified:April 16, 2024
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Does this mean I’ve made it? Should I be feeling a touch of gratitude for the fact that someone has paired my name with that of Le Corbusier? Or should I be worried? Worried that anyone who knows my name or is familiar with the type of artwork I create can just type in a few words and in a matter of seconds, my “work” has been created for them? I should be worried. But I’m not.

Yes, we are living in times when AI generators are growing smarter by the day. They didn’t have to go to school or put in the required 10,000 hours to scratch the surface of mastery. A few keywords can give you a full-length novel, catchy song lyrics, a detailed oil painting or even photographs of people, places, and things. And if you’re not trained to see, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell fact from fiction.

And am I crazy to say, that’s okay? Yeah, probably. But when I think back into history, there are a multitude of times when technological advancements were thought to replace man and then the world would fall into ruin. Yet here we are. Why is that? Because as human beings we can adapt. We can embrace scary technologies and work with them. Find the advantages to take ourselves to the next level. That’s the wonders of imagination.

If all I did was sit around and worry that AI was going to take over and (possibly) make me obsolete, I could just bury myself in the ground right now. This world is like chess, and we must learn to see the moves far in advance.